If we must face reality, the only true wealthy affiliate is Google.

Google is obviously wealthy to the extent that everyone online (directly or indirectly) affiliates with Google for survival.

Be that as it may, there is an online community that is popularly known by the name "Wealthy Affiliate".

It is a community that indirectly believes the best and quickest way to achieve success online is through a group or community effort.

I have taken time to wonder why many people online prefer the platform "Wealthy Affiliate".

I was recently made to realize why.

A large cup of coffee at a gas station is on average $2.40 after tax whereas a membership at Wealthy Affiliate is $0.82 per day; which is almost 3 times cheaper. 

This is the reason people willingly want to simplify their quest to make money online by becoming part of the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

I still ask myself this question

"After someone becomes a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, how will loads of website comments and loads of feedbacks suffice for the money paid? Knowing that power of such money only last for 30 days"

And to be candid, the community at WordPress.com is even more reliable and free but such community is not lucrative for an affiliate marketer.

Another internet joke is that SFI is an alternative to Wealthy Affiliate. Only God knows why SFI is even trending. There is nothing to understand about the platform_ except the word "Zebra".

As regards any opinion about this post, I stand to be corrected.
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