One of the major benefits of YouTube to a webmaster is to boost the website traffic.

YouTube makes other webmasters' dreams come to fruition but those other dreams are none of my business at the moment.

In this post, concern is how one can increase a website traffic by using YouTube as a medium.

These days, it has become the culture of expert bloggers and SEO professionals to attract more view using the magic wand of their YouTube channels.

There are so many other tactics they perform on YouTube configuration setting as to attain their website traffic generation dreams but the one that is no-brainer, has to do with harnessing the power of YouTube comment.

YouTube commenting attracts more subscribers; and more subscribers attract more traffic.

Brian Dean wrote in one of his articles:

"YouTube’s internal data has found a clear correlation between replying to comments and subscribers.

[Feel free to read Brian Dean's "How To Get More YouTube Subcribers"]

When creators take the time to interact with their loyal community, it can encourage audience participation and ultimately result in a larger fanbase.”

I have managed to create few YouTube slide videos (thanks to the scrapped YouTube editor). Therefore, I can say that someone doesn't necessarily need to be a video editing wizard before he/she can come up with a YouTube video.

I have 116 subscribers at the moment of writing this post. You can some love by clicking the button to improve the number and I will be grateful.

I'm not encouraging a crappy video either. I'm just saying that the fear of creating a professionally perfect video can hinder anyone from creating a single video.

When I look at my videos, I see the editing errors but viewers don't even care, they give each of my videos at least 30 likes.
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