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Couple of days back, a friend uttered that she wished to buy a certain goods but said she had no money make the purchase, so she jettisoned the buying thought.
Her story inspired both of us searching online for possibility to buy on credit. The search resulted in the following lists:
(1) Smemarkethub: Shopping is great when you pay later. Smemarkethub does it by offering what is called HubCredit. When shopping on the smemarkethub webpage, the HubCredit is one of the payment options.
The HubCredit provides shoppers with a spending limit of up to ₦1,000,000 and a minimum of ₦20,000 to shop on the SME MarketHub, and payback within a period of 12 months or sooner_ at an interest rate of 21% per annum.
Visit the smemarkethub hub credit webpage >>>

(2) Jumia: This innovation has led to the ability to open a FirstBank Naira account directly from jumia online store; and by so doing become a FirstBank Naira Credit Card holder. In fact, the Naira Credit Card will be processed and the shoppers’ order will be confirmed within 72 hours. Shoppers can then enjoy longer payments lead times gaining up to 45 interest-free days with delivery between10-12 days. Online shoppers can as well buy good from the jumia website and pay for such goods later. As a result of the collaboration between Jumia Nigeria and FirstBank of Nigeria Limited.
Visit the jumia buy now pay later webpage>>> 

(3) Sparnigeria: Unlike jumia and smemarkethub, sparnigeria gives shoppers online the privilege to pay bit-by-bit for goods bought. Before any shopper can benefit from such shopping plan, the below requirements must be met:
  1. Duly completed application form
  2. Latest 6 month statement of account of the Applicant (with primary bank / bank where salary is paid)
  3. Three Month’s payslip within the last six month or letter of employment / last review.
  4. BVN registration details
  5. Post-dated cheques for the period (for current account holders)
  6. Direct debit facility for customers without cheque book.
Visit the sparnigeria pay easy webpage >>>

(4) Coolworld: This is also a platform for online shoppers to explore as to acquire those goods with urgent attachments. Coolworld does allow shoppers to pay for goods on installment terms.

The screne shot gave a breakdown of coolworld's installmental plan for buyers.
Visit the coolworld consumer finance webpage >>>

(5) Zerofinance: I'm adding this to the list based on few reviews it has received online. Zerofinance also operates the installmental payment method.
Visit the zerofinance webpage >>>

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