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Just for reminder sake, SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. Websites and blogs adopt it in order to be reached by many online users.

Viglink is mainly for affiliate marketing purpose. It is used by webmasters and bloggers to monetize their outbound links.

The worry whether Viglink has effect on blog SEO is still up in the air. From my recent experience, I have realized that embedding Viglink code in a blog has effect on SEO.

Jon Wisdom noted on quora.com that having Viglink code embedded in a blog cannot amount to any negative effect.

He said, "since VigLink uses JavaScript snippet to automatically monetise links which does not monetise links until they are clicked on the search engine crawler sees a non-paid one, but humans see a paid one, once clicked. So the answer to your question is it will not affect SEO."

Even though I'm not a search engine optimization guru, I noticed change in analytics two days after I added Viglink code to my blog.

Not to worry; it was a positive effect.

I had a 15% spike in my blog traffic and the search source was from Bing and Yahoo. It seems Viglink has more authority or strength at Bing and Yahoo search.

The truth is that my blog had never received any visit via Bing and Yahoo search_ couple of days back was the inception.

It's been ten days after embedding Viglink code in my blog yet no penny of revenue has appeared in my Viglink account balance. Nonetheless, by considering the spike in my blog traffic, the zero-affiliate-revenue seeming like a blessing in disguise to me at the moment.

As a reader of this blog, this is the time for you to... (1) Understand the trend in SEO (2) Practice Viglink tools for blogging growth and revenue (3) Learn the hidden relationship between affiliate marketplace and affiliate programs such as Amazon, Jumia, eBay, etc.
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