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Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange trading is mostly aided by the willingness to improve one's finance and income level. There are many other reasons people trade (either part-time or full-time) but here lets look at how rookies are lured into losing their investments.

1. Exaggerated Advertisements: 

There ads are so hypnotizing. You see someone sitting in front of an expensive car and claiming he/she bought it by mere trading forex within couple of days. You can even see a room full of money in bails. In another instance, you can read a fake true life story of someone almost buried in shame of debt until forex trading transforms he/she into a millionaire who travels around the world delightfully.

2. Trade luring: 

You are cajoled into the platform with unfulfilled promises such expert support, reliable account manager, tax incentives, bonus on deposit, free demo trading account, spread, leverage, etc. Even if you're profiting from your trading devotions, in the long run, you will realize that the trading platform/website has reaped the better part of your trading effort.

3. Non Transparent Withdrawal: 

Another technique that most forex websites adopt to trap their traders is by not clearly stating the withdrawal threshold on their websites. Imagine a website clearly stating that you can start trading with a token of $5 but refuses to disclose that the minimum withdrawal is $100. Oh! My God, whatever token deposited for trading is gone with the winds except the trader can magically turn $5 dollar into $100 plus withdrawal fee.

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