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One of the ways business and organizational corruption can be checkmated is via the Transparency International Standards of Conduct.

Transparency International (TI) is a global body that gives voice to victims and witnesses of corruption.

Transparency International Standards of Conduct reflect the conviction that large scale corruption subvert economic and social development. It is a coalition of governments, private sector participants and international aid and financing agencies, designed to counter corruption in international business transactions. 

These standards apply to the coalition partners and take account of past initiative by such organizations as the International Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations.

Below are the necessary conducts:

  1. Businesses and organizations must have respect for laws and standards.
  2. Businesses and organizations must not practice improper inducement.
  3. Businesses and organizations must channel the actions of their agents and consultants in according to the lay down laws and standards.
  4. Businesses and organizations must adhere to the laws relating to proper financial disclosure.
  5. Businesses and organizations should only provide political contributions in accordance with applicable national laws.
  6. Businesses and organizations must always show consciousness of all the definitions of the Transparency International Standards of Conduct.
My take is that whether you're an employer or employee, it is always reasonable to stay abreast of all necessary laws or constitutional rights. You need to understand how to shun the intimidations from those corrupt entities showcasing their white collar dramatic corruption within your working environment.

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