I needed a new phone charger at a phone accessory shop:

A sweet drama was reeling in the TV of the phone accessory shop.
In the TV of the phone accessory shop, a housemaid was weeping
Suddenly from behind, a guy clasped the housemaid sweeping
Dragging her away_ she screamed for help but no help.

The next drama scene was an equipped bedroom

A bedroom with beautiful bedspread and silence.
Into the equipped bedroom, the dragging continued
He dragged in the helpless sweeping housemaid
Straight to bedspread_ she screamed for help but no help…

Everyone in and out of the phone accessory shop

Jumped for joy and began to loudly jubilate
As if Barcelona just scored Real Madrid;
Then I said to myself, "This World Is Full Of Wickedness
Why should Humanity be so delighted in screams for no help?"
[READ: 10 Ways They Destroy The Nation]

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

(the Leo with wings flying)

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