This wazobia land is rich
And rich with milk and honey
And see me sitting on the shoulder
Of this giant of Africa
Where my hands are nailing
This poetic wardrobe like a carpenter.

I must confess now that
Crimes and criminality's tension
Do make my poetic inspirations come
Of this you should know why
Atrocities make me high per tension;
O! this poem is no exception.

In this land of wazobia,
So rich with milk and honeywells
And plenty of oilwells
And misguided brains as well
What if I'm no exception
To these temptations in the air...

Flashy oppressing entities,
Mouth-watering siphonnings,
Leaders declaring sweet luxuries,
Lousy offices to
Worthless pageantry with
Eleemosynary showoff in unhidden places

You foolish pretentious foes!
Why give citizens PVC
To verify their PVN?
When circumstances they live in
Have given them PVN
(Poverty Verification Number)

Take a look at the masses of this country
Take a look at them vividly:
From the microfinance marketer wearing a dusty shoe
To the beggar sitting stretching weary hands at you;
In their faces and financial tragedies
You shall find their PVC (Poverty Verification Card).

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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