The largest percentage of online revenue comes from affiliate marketing (estimated 90%). When people are in the verge of online revenue generation, AdSense and other alternatives are their priority but when they enter the pro level, affiliate market becomes their priority either through direct affiliate marketing of through sponsorship and direct advertising philosophy.

Affiliate marketing is not the peak_ one can outgrow it into network marketing (obviously John Chow did) but the bombshell of network marketing is always too sooner than expected and that is why most online moneymakers stick longer to affiliate marketing.

Another obvious truth is that the perfect technique for affiliate marketing is as scare as hell. Thank God many heads have decided to teach anyone dying to learn affiliate marketing. To learn, there are common places such as ClickBank University, Wealthy Affiliate University, ShoutUniversity, etc.

Speaking of ShoutUniversity, it  now has a complete video guide for learning Affiliate marketing and WordPress tactics.

Based on the statement of Colin Newcomer at bloggingwizard website, "To be an effective affiliate marketer, you need the right set of tools. And that’s what this post is gonna help you with – a solid set of affiliate marketing plugins and tools so you can get the best return on your affiliate marketing efforts."

It is a plug and play system where the instructions to start making money can easily be read and followed step-by-step.

With this link, Registration is a click away.

Here's what will happen after joining:
  • You will get welcome a kit
  • You will get a two-week of SEMRUSH account access for free (Worth $149)
  • You will have instant access to all of the video training

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