In the glorious nation_ Nigeria
One abortion each break of a day
Has summed up to half a million
Occurrences of abortion each year;
Check guttmacher research record.

Abortion is life, life is abortion;
Abortion is an act so inevitable.
Thanks to our rising rates of abortion,
Poverty level would have crossed 33.1%
Boundary of the 2017 announced.

Abortion has denied us many terrorists to-be.
Abortion has availed us many bag-snatching souls.
Abortion has halted unborn scavengers to-be.
Abortion has so removed the headache
Of losers been born to build castles in the air.

But flushing is ungodly abortion.
But sprinkling is a godly abortion.
But fallowing is ungodly abortion.
But condom is a godly abortion.
But abstinence is ungodly abortion.

But spermicide is a godly abortion
And be it the godly or the ungodly;
Abortion is truly a friend in need
In this era of chronic cost of living
Where family planning is a radio gospel.

If we must call a spade a spade
It takes two to sweetly tangle.
Oh, ye sons of reproductive men!
Whatever cake you will not eat
It's time to stop baking it
Leaving her to bear the blame alone.

But blessed are those doctors
Performing the hell of a yeoman job.
The bowl is now full of blood with floating eggs;
Doctor, you can now pull off your gloves
And lady, you can now close up your thighs.
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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

(the Leo with wings flying)

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