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A lot of our favorite ships had incredible moments this television season, but unfortunately, some couples took a turn for the worst.

But a breakup or separation doesn't always mean that all hope is lost. Instead, it can be an opportunity for two people to find their way back to each other.

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We put together a list of 13 couples who need to get back together during the 2019 Fall Season! 

1. Eleanor and Chidi - The Good Place

Eleanor and chidi the good place
With Season 4 being the final season of The Good Place, Chidi and Eleanor have to get back together during the fall. Chidi's memories of Eleanor have been wiped once more, but this time Eleanor remembers her love for Chidi perfectly. We're in for a world of pain.

2. Devon and Julian - The Resident

Devon and julian the resident
Devon and Julian fell for each other hard and fast. Devon even called off his wedding because of his feelings for her. We love that Julian is following her dreams and trying to make the world a better place, but we'd also love it if she and Devon could find their way back to each other.

3. Alison and Emily - PLL: The Perfectionists

Alison and emily pll the perfectionists
Alison and Emily may have gotten engaged on Pretty Little Liars, but their divorce was finalized on The Perfectionists. All we want is for Shay Mitchell to make a cameo at the end of the series in order to give Emison the endgame they deserve.

4. Bloom and Reynolds - New Amsterdam

Bloom and reynolds new amsterdam
Bloom and Reynolds' relationship is complicated. But the chemistry between them is insane, and there's no way that New Amsterdam isn't going to give them another shot to make things work.

5. Beth and Rio - Good Girls

Beth and rio good girls
Beth and Rio were never officially together, but their relationship went beyond just sex. When Rio put Beth in an impossible situation, and she was forced to shoot him, it pretty much guaranteed the end of whatever was going on between them. But hey, there's still hope. Sort of.

6. Garrett and Dina - Superstore

Garrett and dina superstore
Garrett and Dina have been off and on for seasons, and it was always apparent that their relationship was more than just physical. But when Garrett accidentally let Dina's birds loose, Dina did not react well when she found out. They probably won't be able to mend things anytime soon, but who knows what the future holds for them?
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