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The "hands-on approach" is a television trope that features two characters coming in close contact with one another. 

If one person needs to be taught something, their romantic interest will swoop in to save the day, and get a little up close and personal while they're at it. 

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This is usually a way to create romantic tension between a pairing, and there are also a few occasions when it can be used to elicit a laugh. 

We created a slideshow below of 13 ship moments featuring the "hands-on approach!"

1. Mulder teaches Scully how to play baseball - The X-Files

Mulder teaches scully how to play baseball the x files
Why are we not surprised that Mulder had to wrap himself around Scully to teach her how to hold a bat properly? Whether this was necessary or not, this baseball lesson is one of our favorite moments between them to date.

2. Karen helps Matt shoot pool - Daredevil

Karen helps matt shoot pool daredevil
When Matt misses his shot, Karen has no problem stepping in and lending a helping hand. It was impossible to ignore the chemistry sizzling between them throughout the entire scene.

3. Bellamy teaches Clarke how to shoot - The 100

Bellamy teaches clarke how to shoot the 100
The official script for this scene says, "Bellamy is thrown by the intimacy of having her so close." How do people still think Bellarke is platonic after they share a moment like this one?

4. Ben and Maddie teach Ryn how to make love - Siren

Ben and maddie teach ryn how to make love siren
This one may be cheating because "hands-on" is really the only approach to this there is. But life in the water is significantly different than life on land, and Ben and Maddie taught Ryn how to show your love for someone.

5. Jim and Pam's karate fight - The Office

Jim and pams karate fight the office
There wasn't much teaching going on here, but there was a lot of unnecessary touching. So much so, that Pam abruptly put a stop to it when she received a judgemental look from her co-worker.

6. Jonah teaches Amy how to golf - Superstore

Jonah teaches amy how to golf superstore
In a comedic moment, Jonah asked permission to put his arms around Amy to which she replied, "Just do it, Jonah. It's only weird if you talk about it." Amy and Jonah throwing their hands in the air and shouting "fore," at the top of their lungs when they sunk the ball showcased just how happy they are when they're around each other.
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