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Magical powers come in many forms on television. 

It's not just witches who can cast spells. Demons, vampires, and plain old humans have magical abilities that can cast a spell on all of us.

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But there are some beings who are above and beyond when it comes to their abilities.

Not only do they have the power of magic (or some form of it), but there's something else about them that whets our appetites.

They may be handsome or beautiful or maybe they are full of charming charisma.

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Whatever the case, here are 23 TV characters who we think are the most magically delicious.

Do you agree with our tastes?

Let us know in the comments who your favorites are!

1. Cassandra Nightingale - The Good Witch

Cassandra nightingale the good witch
Cassandra may be a good witch, but you know what they say about good girls, right? Behind her good demeanor lies a seductive and mysterious witch that many find irresistible.

2. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer lucifer
Um, hello? Lucifer can ask us anytime about our desires and the answer will be the same. Just mesmerize us with your devilish ways and let us enjoy the man beneath the suit.

3. Klaus - The Umbrella Academy

Klaus the umbrella academy
Dancing the night away with Klaus sounds like a great time. It doesn't matter that he has the ability to speak with the dead as long as he continues to rejuvenate our cold, dead souls.

4. The Eleventh Doctor - Doctor Who

The eleventh doctor doctor who
What isn't delicious about the Eleventh Doctor? He's handsome, charming, has many adorable quirks, and he likes kissing people which is A-okay in our book.

5. Matthew Clairmont - A Discovery of Witches

Matthew a discovery of witches
Vampires are usually sexy anyway, but Matthew Clairmont is in a league of his own. He's classy not just because of his knowledge and love of fine wine, but also because of his gentlemanly ways. Can we say old school?

6. Jesse Custer - Preacher

Jesse custer preacher
Jesse is a little on the rough side, being a badass and all, but he's still delicious in every way. He didn't always have magical powers, but his ability to control minds makes him even more heavenly.
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