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There's nothing that satisfies the soul more than being able to share your life with someone special.

But finding someone worthy enough can be difficult -- especially in the world of television.

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Some characters are too busy saving the world to find time for love. Others just make poor choices over and over again.

No matter the reason, these 23 characters need to make finding true love a priority! Do you agree?

1. Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Dean winchester supernatural
Dean has had many loves in his lifetime but lately, he's been too busy to even think about having a girlfriend or a lover for that matter. Now that Supernatural is coming to an end, perhaps he'll find his true love before whatever happens to him happens. Our vote is for him to return to an alternate reality and find everlasting love with Jo Harvelle.

2. Sam Winchester - Supernatural

Sam winchester supernatural
If there was one person we would like Sam to reunite with before the end of Supernatural, it would be his college sweetheart Jessica Moore. He loved her more than anyone else ever, and an alternate timeline where they can be together again would be sweeter than apple pie.

3. Ed Mercer - The Orville

Ed mercer the orville
Ed is the nice guy everyone seems to love but love hasn't found him. There was a time where he might have gotten back together with his ex, Kelly, but it didn't work out. There has to be someone on the Orville who Ed can love. We hope he finds her soon.

4. Craig Cody - Animal Kingdom

Craig cody animal kingdom
Craig has many lovers but has yet to find true love. Renn might have been right for him but he wasn't ready to commit. Nicky...well, let's just forget about her. And Frankie could be good for Craig, but she's a scam artist and is just using him. Craig needs to leave the losers behind and find a girl who appreciates him and can put him on the right path.

5. Donald Ressler - The Blacklist

Donald ressler the blacklist
Ressler needs to find someone to love and fast. There's heat between him and Liz, but she might not be the right choice for him. She's too dangerous. He needs another Audrey -- a good girl for a good man.

6. Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I.

Thomas magnum magnum pi
Magnum's heart was broken long ago, but now that his former love is dead, he needs to find someone else who can hold his heart. Magnum will make someone happy, he just needs to find her first.
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