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It looks like it's going to be a sad week in Salem.

The promo video below shows Kayla saying that her mother has passed away and shows multiple people toasting to Caroline's memory in the pub.  

Actress Peggy McCay passed away in October 2018, but because of Days of our Lives' taping schedule, the memorial scenes for her character are first airing on Days of our Lives during the week of 6-17-19.

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Meanwhile, will Will succumb to his brain tumor, or will an antidote be found before it's too late?

NBC has also released new spoiler photos. Check them out and then come back to tell us what you're most looking forward to!

1. 1. Will and Sonny Remarry

1 will and sonny remarry
Will and Sonny go ahead and say their vows while Will is in the hospital awaiting his fate. Will the doctors find a cure before the ceremony?

2. Kristen Scrambles to Hide Ted from Abe and Stefan

Kristen scrambles to hide ted from abe and stefan
Now that Kristen has knocked Ted out, what is she going to do with him? And can she keep it together and pull off her Nicole act while Abe is at the mansion?

3. Lucas and Sami Return!

Lucas and sami return
Lucas and Sami return to Salem to be with Will in his dying days. Will the tragedy draw this one-time supercouple closer together?

4. Stefan Comforts Gabi About Will

Stefan comforts gabi about will
Uh oh! Gabi turns to Stefan for comfort after hearing Will's prognosis. Will this lead to yet another round of sex between two people who "hate" each other?

5. Ciara and Tripp Pretend to Suspect Ben

Ciara and tripp pretend to suspect ben
Ciara and Tripp put on an act for Claire about believing Ben set the fire at the Horton Cabin. Could this trigger Claire's jealousy and cause her to lash out violently again?

6. Rex and Sarah Find the Antidote!

Rex and sarah find the antidote
Rex and Sarah use Rolf's diary to help them synthesize an antidote to Will's supernatural brain tumor, but can they deliver it before it's too late?
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