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Another season of the longest-running primetime medical drama is under our belts! 

There was a lot to love about Grey's Anatomy Season 15 and a lot of things that drove us crazy. We had so many 'ships of all different varieties during the season of Love, and a few standout performances. 

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It was also the season where we came to appreciate the lovely Bokhee! 

Also, the season provided us with one of the most powerful episodes and moments of the series to date. 

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Check out our in-depth breakdown of the season below! Feel free to hit the comments with all your thoughts and feelings about our Report Card and the season as a whole! 

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Grey's Anatomy will return Thursdays this Fall on ABC! 

1. Best Meredith Moment - Making Amends With Her Father

Visiting her father greys anatomy
Meredith and Thatcher always had a shoddy relationship, and she fell out of touch with her father for years. Initially, it seemed as though the show could carry on with Meredith being estranged from a man who caused her so much pain and heartbreak, but upon finding out he was dying, she finally worked up the nerve to go see him.

What transpired were beautiful moments where both aired out their grievances, exchanged some apologies and expressed themselves, and Meredith held her father while he died. It was one of those times when Meredith's growth and journey were on display as she could speak to her father as a mother and be open to making things right.

2. Most Powerful Episode - Silent All the Years

Wall of women
Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 19 is one for the history books. It was a powerful, emotional, gripping hour and easily one of the best of the series. It was an exploration of sexual violence, domestic abuse, and violence against women while also being a celebration and ode to womanhood, resilience, and solidarity. The Wall of Women scene was stirring and one in which people still cannot stop talking about.

3. Worst Episode - Girlfriend in a Coma

Gaining clarity greys anatomy
The episode did some weird time jumps which we followed through the course of a woman being in a coma during multiple holiday seasons. DeLuca was a world-class, entitled jackass to Link in a way so grotesque he was the most unattractive he has ever been in the series' history. He was childish and throwing temper tantrums with Meredith. Meredith jerked both the guys around for months.

Then she made plans on Valentine's Day with Link and left him at a restaurant alone and waiting while she made out with DeLuca on the rooftop. Miranda and Ben were still on the world's stupidest sabattical from a marriage, and we found out Betty had been lying for all of this time. Honestly, most of the characters were unlikable the entire episode and the sequence was weird.

4. Episode that Didn't Live Up to the Hype - The Record - Breaking Hour!

Episode that didnt live up to the hype the record breaking hour
Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 15 was the episode that made it the longest-running primetime medical drama on the air. It officially beat out ER with its 332nd episode. Fans were thrilled to see what this hour would entail, and it was mostly a mystery with a promo which only teased some of the series' most memorable lines over the years. But it was fairly lackluster compared to what most fans imagined. They were too on the nose with a celebration, and it didn't have enough nods to the series.

5. MVP of the Season - Amelia

Amelia takes a moment to break down
Amelia was the best character this season; it was her season to shine, and she did. Caterina Scorsone gave exceptional performance after exceptional performance. Throughout the season, Amelia's character growth was front, center, and moving beyond words. Her scene discussing her sobriety at an AA meeting was one of the best of the season, and so was her breakdown during the opioid episode.

The way she took to motherhood with her relationship with Betty, and later with Leo, was moving. She exuded such maturity and growth in how she chose to resolve issues or extricated herself from her messy relationship with Owen, or how she never took things out on Teddy or chose to not jump into something serious with Link after discussing things with him. No doubt, Amelia was the best character this season and the most enjoyable to watch.

6. Best Glow- Up - DeLuca

Bigglest glow up deluca
While he displayed some less than appealing traits during his dogged pursuit of Meredith, after a couple of years of praying to the powers that be for him to get a worthy storyline he deserved, they answered my prayers. While a romance with Meredith wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I still appreciate that DeLuca finally got the glow-up he deserved.

He was fleshed out better to serve as the new romantic lead -- with background about his life. He became the most prized resident, which was a nice throwback to how skilled he was upon his arrival. He became a more confident, sexier, badass version of himself. For us longtime DeLuca fans, it paid off!

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