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Everyone knows the story by now of Bellamy and Clarke's close connection, as long as you remember to call it what it is and nothing more.

There is no romance at all in the air when it comes to these soulmates that depend on one another, and that are influenced so much by the way their partner exists in their world.

These two are just the best of pals, enough so that they can show any other friendship on TV how it should be done.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Memento Mori

And like any good, platonic pal partnership, these two deserved a slideshow highlighting their greatest hits. All of which come with no level of romantic undertones or potential for more down the line.

Most friendships could learn from Bellamy and Clarke, but especially their legacy that will go down in television ship history.

What is your favorite Bellarke scene where the two are the very best of friends and nothing more?

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1. Just One Guy Helping His Platonic Partner Up And Using His Entire Body To Support Her

We all have those friends that touch us the way that Bellamy and Clarke seem to love to touch each other. And those platonic partners look at us exactly the same way, so there is no pressure at all to call this anything but friendship. Just don't watch this The 100 Season 5 Episode 4 scene in full because you might get the wrong romantic idea.

2. Just One Friend Opening Her Whole Heart To Her Bro

6x04 1
Saying that your friend is your family and that your biggest mistake was hurting them is simple friend etiquette. The way that Clarke spent so much time battling with this guilt and how it drives her decisions from here on out? Nothing that we haven't seen before and everything that we should label as fun pal behavior.

3. Just a Human Crying Over The Loss of a Random Friend

6x06 1
Bellamy may have spent all of The 100 Season 6 Episode 6 one second away from crying again about Clarke and raging into revenge mood because his heart was hurting, but that is a regular day for all of us with our friends. And this transition where Bellamy needed to cry about losing Clarke again alone away from everyone else? This was just Bellamy dealing with a leaf (or a large branch) that got blown into his eye.

4. Just Two Pals Holding Hands

Clarke may have needed Bellamy by her side at a scary point in her decision-making process. She may have needed to hold his hand. She may have needed him to be the one to put that chip in her. But there is absolutely nothing to see here so pay no attention to the pals holding hands as if their lives depend on it.

5. Just Two Familiar Humans Worrying, Touching, and Pulling Strength From One Another

There is no explanation for The 100 Season 4 Episode 13. All the touching, the prolonged looks, the emotion dripping off every Bellarke scene, none of that has any reasonable interpretation or answer. Bellamy and Clarke knowing that they would lose one another and their need to spend as much time as they could together, there is no platonic answer to be found.

6. Just One Pal Looking Longingly At Their Closest Friend With Someone Else

There was that one season where The 100 all but hit us over the head with a sign that Clarke was looking at Bellamy with Echo, a lot. Any reasonable TV fan who knows these familiar beats of romantic hints hidden behind simple glances would have plenty to say, I guess it is good that there are none of those reasonable people around her. Just a lot of fans that see some casual energy between distant friends.
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