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Today, television is overrun with doctors. There's so many, that a lot of characters in medical dramas are starting to lose what makes them so unique. 

The Resident's Conrad Hawkins is more than just a doctor. He's a person with an endless amount of layers to unravel.

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Rather than watching simply for the drama and the medical prognoses, we found ourselves watching for Conrad himself. 

We've created a list below of 11 reasons why Conrad Hawkins is the best doctor on television. For more of Conrad in action, you can watch The Resident online via TV Fanatic.


1. He has a sense of humor

He has a sense of humor
Conrad is a lot of things, and one of the most prominent things is outright comical. Who could forget the time he gave Devon the key to an attending's room to use their private shower, right when they came back from vacation?

2. His arrogance makes him interesting

His arrogance makes him interesting
What's more entertaining than a doctor who's constantly afraid of failure? One who thinks they're always right. But Conrad actually is right 99.9% of the time so we can't really disagree with him.

3. He has a unique personality

He has a real sense of humor
A lot of doctors on TV are just plain dull, but Conrad manages to be an actual character in addition to being a medical resident. It's refreshing for him to be more than just his career.

4. He always fights to do the right thing

He always fights to do the right thing
No matter what the situation is, Conrad will always do what he thinks is right. It may get him into trouble, but it makes the plot all the more interesting. While other doctors follow the rules, Conrad follows his conscious.

5. He treats his co-workers like family

He treats his co workers like family
Conrad may have originally come off as an asshole to Devon, but he's the most caring and selfless person at the hospital. He doesn't just give attention to his patients, but he gives it to his friends as well.

6. He's great with kids

Hes great with kids
Conrad is so good with kids that one of his patients wanted him to become his dad. He took on a father-like role in his life, and even hung out with him outside of the hospital and attended his baseball games.
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