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Love confessions are great, but they can't happen until you realize you have feelings for someone. 

Some characters proclaim their feelings immediatly, but it takes others more time. 

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Just because you're aware that you love someone, doesn't mean you're ready to said it outloud. 

We created a slideshow below of 13 of the best love epiphanies of all time!

1. Chloe realizes she loves Lucifer - Lucifer

Chloe realizes she loves lucifer lucifer
Sometimes it takes your boyfriend going to hell before you realize how deep your feelings for him go. When Lucifer made the ultimate sacrifice to keep Chloe safe, Chloe realized she was in love with him.

2. Lydia realizes she loves Stiles - Teen Wolf

Lydia realizes she loves stiles teen wolf
You could argue that Lydia knew she had feelings for Stiles long before this scene, but the moment her memories came flooding back to her was the moment their love became undeniable.

3. Amy realizes she has feelings for Jonah - Superstore

Amy realizes she has feelings for jonah superstore
It may have taken Amy years to reach this conclusion, but we couldn't be happier that she finally did. After spending the entire day goofing off with Jonah, Amy's crush began.

4. Jane realizes she loves Michael - Jane the Virgin

Jane realizes she loves michael jane the virgin
Let it be known that after Michael kissed Jane, the narrator said that Jane felt as if she was walking on air. It only took one minute for everything to change, and Jane finally knew who had her heart.

5. Simon realizes he has feelings for Isabelle - Shadowhunters

Simon realizes he has feelings for isabelle shadowhunters
After Simon's sister accused him of being into Isabelle, Simon realized that she was right. His awkwardness around her upon the realization was both dorky and adorable.

6. Jess realizes she still loves Nick - New Girl

Jess realizes she still loves nick new girl
Jess may have needed someone else to point it out to her, but there was no denying that what Sam said was true. Jess has always loved Nick and she always would. Jess' feelings made it difficult for her to watch Nick and his girlfriend throughout Season 6, but they ended up together in the end.
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