Relationships are all about honesty and you can't have a sucessful one without it. 

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There's a difference between a white lie here and there, and a lie so catostrophic that it can change the way you see another person.

Whether or not they managed to reconcile in the end, we created a slideshow below of 17 lies that destroyed relationships. 

1. Troy Lies to Veronica About his Intentions - Veronica Mars

Troy lies to veronica about his intentions veronica mars
Instead of actually being interested in her, Troy was just using Veronica as a ploy in his drug trafficking scam. But Veronica managed to figure it out and ruin his operation. Troy should have known better than to try and outsmart Veronica Mars.

2. Rafael Lies to Jane About Michael - Jane the Virgin

Rafael lies to jane about michael jane the virgin
When they were giving their relationship another chance, Jane discovered that Rafael reported Michael to the police. The worst part about it was that when Michael accused him, Rafael assured Jane that Michael was lying and was just a horrible person. Things got ugly, and Jane told Michael she couldn't see him anymore even though she was still in love with him. She was miserable for months, so we can't blame her for being outraged at Rafael.

3. Ward Lies to Skye About His loyalties - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ward lies to skye about his loyalties agents of shield
Moments after Ward and Skye kiss, Skye realizes that Ward has been an undercover Hydra agent the entire time he was with S.H.I.E.L.D. It was heartbreaking to Skyeward shippers and to Skye, herself.

4. Beth and Dean Lie to Each Other About Everything - Good Girls

Beth and dean lie to each other about everything good girls
Beth and Dean's entire relationship is a giant lie with some truth mixed in. They both cheated on each other and kept it hidden, and Beth lied to him on and off about her criminal lifestyle.

5. Emily Lies to Daniel About Their Relationship - Revenge

Emily lies to daniel about their relationship revenge
This relationship was doomed from the start, but there were a few times throughout the series where it seemed as if they might have a chance. But in the end, Emily confessed to Daniel their whole relationship was built on a lie, even though some of it was real to her.

6. Callie "Lies" to Arizona About Saving her Leg - Grey's Anatomy

Callie lies to arizona about saving her leg greys anatomy
Callie promised she wouldn't let the surgeon cut off Arizona's leg, but when it threatened Arizona's life, Callie had to save her. Arizona kept seeing it as a lie because she was so traumatized from everything that happened. Even though Callie stood by her through everything, Arizona could never get over what happened, and she cheated on her with a co-worker.
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