Love is one of the most powerful things in the universe.

Whether it's platonic or romantic, it somehow manages to accomplish things we never could have imagined.

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If your love for someone is strong enough, there's almost nothing it can't overcome. 

We created a slideshow below of 19 times love conquered the impossible! 

1. Lydia's Love for Stiles Opens the Rift - Teen Wolf

Lydias love for stiles transcends dimensions teen wolf
When the Ghost Riders took Stiles he was erased from everyone's lives. But despite everyone telling her she was crazy, Lydia knew that there was someone missing. When she regained her memories of Stiles and realized she never told him she loved him, her love opened a rift between dimensions that Stiles was able to cross through and come home.

2. Meredith's Friends Manage to Revive Her - Grey's Anatomy

Derek revives meredith greys anatomy
If there was any other patient on that table, the Seattle Grace team would have accepted the loss and moved on. Meredith had been dead for so long that it would take an act of God to revive her. But Meredith's friends had no intention of letting her go, and their determination mixed with Meredith's own force of will brought her back to them.

3. Mon-El's Love Saves Kara - Supergirl

Mon els love saves kara supergirl
As Darren Criss' character so wonderfully put it, "love is about letting yourself be saved." Thankfully, Mon-El and Kara's (as well as Barry and Iris') love was strong enough to conquer anything, and Mon-El was able to save Kara's life simply with the power of his feelings for her.

4. Jace and Alec's Parabatai Bond Brings Alec Back - Shadowhunters

Jace and alecs parabatai bond brings alec back shadowhunters
On Shadowhunters, love always manages to find a way. The brotherly bond between Jace and Alec is so powerful that it was able to bring Alec back from the depths of his own mind when all hope was lost.

5. Emma Kisses Her Son and Breaks the Curse - Once Upon a Time

Emma kisses her son and breaks the curse once upon a time
True love's kiss is the most powerful thing in the world and can accomplish anything. When Emma thought she was kissing her son goodbye, she actually broke a curse that had held the characters captive for an entire season.

6. Dean Snaps Cas Out of Naomi's Mind Control - Supernatural

Dean snaps cas out of naomis mind control supernatural
Dean and Cas have always had the strongest bond on Supernatural next to Dean's relationship with his brother. When Cas was being controlled by an outside force, Dean was able to pull him back by reminding him that they're a family.
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