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You don't have to be an old married couple to act like one. 

All you really need to do is end up at each other's throats, while also being overly concerned about each other's well being. 

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Some relationships on television play the part up for laughs, and with others it just comes naturally. 

We've created a slideshow below of 27 young old married couples! 

1. Damon and Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and bonnie the vampire diaries
We're still Team Bamon for life. Damon and Bonnie bickered constantly, but at the end of the day, they loved each other and were best friends. And we can't forget that when they were stuck in another dimension they read the newspaper and did crossword puzzles together. Can you get any more domestic?

2. Raj and Howard - The Big Bang Theory

Raj and howard the big bang theory
Raj and Howard acting like an old married couple is a running gag on The Big Bang Theory. If we're being honest, we're surprised they ended up marrying other people instead of each other.

3. Mac and Dennis - It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Mac and dennis its always sunny in philidelphia
Sometimes we forget that Mac and Dennis are roommates and not husbands who live together. They've even been called out by other characters for acting like an old married couple in the past.

4. Joey and Chandler - Friends

Joey and chandler friends
At the end of the day, Joey and Chandler will always be each other's true love. They lived together and even had two kids: a chick and a duck. You can't get much more married than that.

5. Michael and Maria - Roswell, New Mexico

Michael and maria roswell new mexico
Michael and Maria act like they've known each other for a century. When they're not bickering and acting like they want to rip each other's heads off, they're kissing and being the softest people on the planet. Somehow, it's an adorable mix.

6. Winston and Schmidt - New Girl

Winston and schmidt new girl
Winston and Schmidt's relationship was one of the highlights of New Girl. They already lived together, and they were always bickering with each other over the strangest things.
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