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Most everyone enjoys some eye candy on their television screens from time to time.
It makes watching television a lot more fun, doesn't it?
And if they have a body to die for, well, that makes our favorite shows even more pleasurable to watch,
Whether they're fully clothed or half naked, here are 41 TV characters whose bodies make us blush.
Who makes you drool? Hit the comments and let us know!

1. Danny - Grand Hotel

Danny grand hotel
He's mysterious, on a mission, and sizzling hot. If Danny jumped into the pool to save us as he did with Alicia, we wouldn't complain. Heck, we'd float upside down every time we knew he was around just to get a glimpse of those delicious abs.

2. Lexi - Blood & Treasure

Lexi blood and treasure
This woman has the body of a goddess. Her backside alone deserves a blood sacrifice.

3. Eddie - 9-1-1

Eddie 9 1 1
Who doesn't agree that firefighters are powerful human aphrodisiacs? Just looking at Eddie's exquisite arms (and every other part of him) sends us to a special place in hell.

4. Catwoman - Batman

Catwoman batman
With her skintight suit and her wicked whip, we can't help but purr at Catwoman's staggering sexiness. No wonder Batman can't look away.

5. Danny - Blood & Treasure

Danny blood and treasure
Danny steams up our screen whether he's dressed or not. And the hotness that goes along with a man stepping out of a shower with nothing on but a towel drives us crazy with desire.

6. Sara - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Sara lance dcs legends of tomorrow
Yowza! Sara Lance has got to be the hottest woman on television. She's a badass with a badass body, and we love every inch of her.
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source https://www.tvfanatic.com/slideshows/41-tv-characters-with-slamming-hot-bods/

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