It's going to be an action-packed week in Salem!

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video shows Susan pulling a gun on faux Susan, Rex attacking Xander, and Stefan and Gabi asking someone to marry them while Jack demands a divorce from an angry Eve.

It also shows Claire stabbing Tripp in the back, though the official NBC photos suggest this is a dream (hopefully!)

There is also plenty of plotting and planning going on, as NBC has released photos stating that Gabi and Stefan strategize to defeat "Nicole", Xander makes Kristen grovel, "Nicole" shares her plans with Brady, and more!

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Check out our Days of our Lives spoiler photo slideshow and let us know what you're most looking forward to.

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1. Susan vs. Susan

Susan vs susan
When the real Susan meets the fake one in the park, all bets are off as to what's going to happen next! The spoiler video shows that real Susan has a gun, but what will she do to "mean mean Kristen Dimera"?

2. Xander makes "Susan" grovel

Xander makes susan grovel
Xander knows who the faux Susan really is and he's not quite done messing with her. What will he do and will she give in?

3. Haley has disturbing nightmares of Claire

Haley has disturbing nightmares of claire
Haley dreams about Claire coming back to kill her and Tripp. Is living in Claire's old room triggering PTSD symptoms?

4. Stefan attempts to bargain with Kate

Stefan attempts to bargain with kate
The pressure must be on! Stefan tries to bargain with Kate to get her to drop the false charges against him. What will he offer, and will she go along with it? (No, Tyler Christopher isn't back -- this is an old photo).

5. Stefan and Gabi strategize about dealing with "Nicole"

Stefan and gabi strategize about dealing with nicole
Stefan and Gabi get together to plot against the woman they think is Nicole. Whether their plan will work is anyone's guess, but romantic sparks are sure to again fly between the two.

6. Lani questions Ted about inconsistencies in his statement

Lani questions ted about inconsistencies in his statement
Ted might get caught in a lie! But what inconsistencies has Lani picked up on, and is this the beginning of the end for him and Hope?
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