It's been clear from Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 1 that Michael and Alex are meant for each other. 

But the best things in life never come easy, and Malex's relationship is further proof. 

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They both went through a lot of changes in their lives, but the one thing that stayed the same was their love for each other. 

Malex may not be together at the moment, but it's inevitable that they'll find their way back to each other. 

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To hold us over until Roswell, New Mexico Season 2, we created a list below of 11 reasons why we ship Michael and Alex! 

And you can see Michael and Alex's relationship for yourself and watch Roswell, New Mexico online right here at TV Fanatic! 

1. They have insane chemistry

They have insane chemistry
The chemistry between Michael and Alex is crazy. Vlamis and Blackburn have incredible on-screen chemistry, and the way they look at each other is reason enough to ship them.

2. Michael will always love him

Michael will always love him
This scene is proof enough that Michael and Alex belong together. Michael has always loved Alex and always will. How could you ever be happy with someone else when the person you really love is still out there?

3. They care about each other more than themselves

They care about each other more than themselves
When Michael said he didn't love Alex, he was saying the complete opposite. Michael couldn't leave the other alien behind, but he didn't want Alex to stay and die with him. But Alex wasn't going anywhere without Michael and Michael screamed lies at him as a last resort. These two are ride or die for each other.

4. The way Michael looks at Alex never changes

The way michael looks at alex never changes
Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Michael looks at Alex. Even after ten years, Michael still looks at him with the exact same love in his eyes.

5. Alex never believed Michael was a monster

Alex never believed michael was a monster
After learning that Michael was an alien, all Alex wanted was answers. He wasn't afraid of Michael and he definitely didn't love him any less. He accepts Michael for who he is, inside and out.

6. They've loved each other for a decade

Theyve loved each other for a decade
You can't love someone for a decade and then shut off your feelings for them. Michael and Alex's love has survived a lot over the years, which makes us positive there's nothing they can't overcome.
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