A mortgage is an act of owing to own a house or building. 

According to an article Benefits Of Paying Off Your Mortgage 
"The longer you carry a mortgage, the higher your total interest
 amount will be. By paying off your mortgage early, you are
 paying significantly less in interest. Once your mortgage 
is paid off the interest costs cease, and you can apply this
 money elsewhere"
A stock is an act of raising company or organisation capital by issuing shares.

InvestorWords article defined stock selling as, "The act of disposing of or selling equity shares that are owned by an investor. Some reasons to sell stock include taking a profit, cutting losses, or accessing cash."

The messages about paying off debts from the screenshot, is from an article titled The Behavioral Side of Paying Down Debt
In such article, Ryn Monette explained paying off debts very quickly with strategy called SKIMMING OFF THE TOP.

With stock prices at all-time highs in relation to their earnings, many investors and homeowners are wondering if now is the right time to sell some of their holdings and pay off their mortgage. 

If you are one of them, William Baldwin, Forbes Investment Strategies columnist and an IRS agent, has done an excellent analysis to guide you on your decision.

In a report titled, Sell Stocks And Pay Off Your Mortgage, answer to such question exists.

With mortgage deduction now gone for many tax payers, the economics has changed considerably for many homeowners. Combine this with the highly uncertain market, and it’s no wonder a lot of investors are wondering how to best allocate their money.

The bottom-line, can selling stocks pay off mortgage? The answer is YES. 

Among lots of examples, the Baldwin report above is a prove.


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