Below are twenty (20) of the many lessons one can learn from the trending xenophobia:

1.       Mass Media and Internet: TV, Radio, Social Media and Internet always boost the power of occurrences beyond expectations.
2.       Rumours versus Truth: Rumours always override the presence of the true story.
3.       Jealousy and Hatred: Crisis is an excuse to unleash a very long-chained jealousy or hatred.
4.       Blame: Placing blames and pointing accusing fingers are always waste of time during chaotic situations.
5.       Fear: Fear is an undisputable controller of humans.
6.       Butterflying: It always proves those related scientific theories right.
7.       Emotions: During chaotic situations, emotions negative emotions govern the positive.
8.       Scapegoat: Hunting for scapegoats in time of crisis is an excuse to wave responsibilities.
9.       Politics: Politics always plays a paramount role in the germination of crisis.
10.   Global Respect: A nation that doesn’t prioritize the welfare of his citizens is directly or indirectly placing a diminishing return on his own global respect.
11.   Relationship: Crisis hampers the bond between nations (both friendly and business bond).
12.   Homeland: A homeland is always better than a foreign land; irrespective of the situation.
13.   Price: There is a price for every action or endeavour.
14.   Scar: Crisis is known to leave a long-enduring scar on victims.
15.   Misfortune or Downfall: Misfortunes in time of crisis might turn to an irrecoverable downfall.
16.   Fortune or Riches: A chaotic situations have always been some people’s excuse to amass wealth and feather their own selfish nest.
17.   Religion: People are known to swiftly throw their religious faith or belief aside in presence of distress.
18.    History: Nations with racial or war related history are prone to repeat history.
19.   Nemesis: Nations who, in anytime, chase foreigners off their country will someday be chased off a foreign land as well.
20.   Property Destruction: Destruction of properties in time of crisis don’t proffer solution to the problem.  
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