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I felt pain, saw finger prints on my neck after I dreamt my mother in-law strangled me —Wife

A woman, Taiwo Ayilonmode has withdrawn the case he brought against her husband, Adewale Ayinlonmode,  at Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Oja Oba/ Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Taiwo in her suit had pleaded with the court to stop the relationship between her and her husband on accounts of lack rest of mind and threat to her life by her mother in-law.

The plaintiff implored the court if her prayer was answered to grant her custody of the three children produced by their marriage and mandate her husband to be responsible for their upkeep.

The court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje after he heard both parties adjourned the case for judgment.

On the adjourned date, the plaintiff informed the court she was no longer interested in pursuing the case any further. She, thus withdrew her suit.

Agbaje, therefore struck out the case.

Giving her evidence Taiwo told the court that:”My lord, my husband’s parents had always stood against our marriage from the outset.

“My husband impregnated me while we were courting. We both decided to inform our parents. We informed mine and they gave us their support and wished us well.

“But the reverse was the case with my husband’s parents. They strongly stood against our relationship.

“They told me their son wasn’t yet ready for marriage and therefore advised that I abort the pregnancy.

“My husband and I acted against his parents’ wish and we started living together as husband and wife.

“I had our baby a few months after this. When Adewale’s parents learnt about it,  they asked that I moved to their house for the naming ceremony and promised to give me money for the baby’s needs.

“We had the naming ceremony at my in laws’ place, but they failed to fulfill their promise towards me. My mother in-law in particular was hostile in her behaviour towards me and gave neither me nor the baby attention.

“I moved to my parents’ house with the baby because my in laws failed to display warmth towards us.

“At my parents’ house we were received with an open hand and given the care and attention needed. A few months after this, I moved back to my husband’s house,” she said.

Taiwo added: “Not too long after this,  my sister informed me she had a dream which was frightful. She stated that in the dream my marriage was rocked by crises which tore my husband and I apart.

“My lord, this dream came to pass. My husband and I had our union almost terminated thrice because we just didn’t understand each other any more. We also lost two of our children during these crises.

“My mother in-law asked that we move to the family house; we initially turned down the offer but on a second thought moved in there.

“She called me one evening and demanded that my husband and I part ways. I thanked her and left her presence. I told my husband nothing.

“My lord, that night, I dreamt that she attempted to strangle me and I fought her. I woke up and felt pains on my neck and also saw finger prints.

“She took ill after that and called me a witch. She gave me hell.

“I moved out of the house with my children and went to my parents’ place. Adewale came there, beat and wounded my father and took away our children.

“I went to report him at the police station and there I was advised to come to court, “the plaintiff stated.

Adewale told the court he accepted claim when it was read to him.

He told the court that: “My lord, my wife is a slut. My ears are full of her escapades.

“Taiwo is dating a man in our neighbourhood. This man humiliated me by going around telling whoever cared to listen he was responsible for the pregnancy my wife was carrying.

“My mother asked her if what the man said was true but she replied her not a word.  She later fought with my mother and accused her of attempting to kill her.

“I went on a business trip and on returning home, I met an empty house. I was told Taiwo packed her belongings and moved with our children to her sister’s place. I was mad when I heard this. I stormed her sister’s place but she refused to hand our children over to me. I went ahead to report her to her husband who promised to talk to her. He later called me to come for the children and I did.

“Taiwo later called me and rained curses on me and my parents,” he concluded.


I felt pain, saw finger prints on my neck after I dreamt my mother in-law strangled me —Wife
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