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Ignoring your blood group type could be dangerous — Experts

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Head of Department, Heamatology, University College Hospital, Dr Titilola  Akingbola, has called on  people of all ages, especially youths,  to identify their blood group type.

According to her, blood group is a means of differentiating an individual from another and also a product of the antigens in the blood.

“For ease of functionality, there are major blood group types which are 13 in number. But for routine service, there are four in number- They are to distinguish one person from another.”

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Speaking on the imperativeness of being aware of one’s blood group type, Dr Akingbola noted that it aids blood transfusion process.

“In past years, during blood transfusion, it was observed that some blood groups were compatible while some had debilitating effects and led to instant death.

“Significantly, the essence of this identification is for group compatibility of the blood before donation, either for organ or blood. You want to be sure that the two individuals match.

“Also, it is essential to identify variations in the some blood group types so as to accommodate incompatibilities in blood reaction,” she said.

Also, the Head of Department, Laboratory Services, Adeoyo Hospital, Ring road, Mr Olaniyi Raheem, declared that knowing one’s blood group is vital as it could reduce death rate.


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Ignoring your blood group type could be dangerous — Experts
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