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Our first day back in school

Muhsinah Nurudeen, 8 years old, Basic  3

I was very happy to go back to school. It was a very joyous time again to reunite with my friends and classmates. I got to school around 7 a.m because I woke up very early. I took rice with stew to school and also went with snacks, sweets and biscuits. I have planned to read very well because I must pass excellently again this term.


Uthman Sanusi, 9 years old, Basic  4

My father bought me a pair of shoes and sandals for the new term but he gave me some strokes of the cane because he was not satisfied with the state of my school uniform when he saw it while I was dressing up for school. I was at my best last term so I won’t do less this term too by God’s grace. I was happy being at school again.


Ibrahim Aleem, 8 years old, Basic 3

My first day back at school was interesting because I was glad to be back to my school activities, both academic and sports, football. Everybody looked excited to see one another hale and hearty. I was happy because none of us in school is missing. My teachers were happy to see all of us again.


Idreez Afolabi, 8 years old, Basic 3

I resumed school on Tuesday because I did not feel fine on Monday. We had assembly the usual way and recited names of local governments and their headquarters as a way to know more about government that is close to us. We had classes on all the periods in our time table and closed at 2p.m. I was glad to reunite with my friends Ahamad and Aleem. I discovered that when one asks questions, his or her knowledge is broadened; so I will ask my teachers more questions this term. I must take the first position in my class.


Mutmynah Nurudeen, 8 years old, Basic  3

I came very early to school because I was eager to be in the school environment. When I got to the compound, it was written over every face that we were all happy to be together again after Christmas and New Year holidays. As a way to become a better student this term, I will not come late to school this term in order not to miss out on anything during assembly or classes. I know that I will make my parents proud.


Misturah Abdul-Rasaq, 8 years old, Basic  3

On Monday when we resumed, 8 out of 10 pupils in my class were present. One of them took ill but I do not know why the other person was not in school. I was happy to meet my best friend again. Rice and meat was my lunch on the first day of resumption. My class teacher was happy that we all listened attentively. Everyone behaved well.


Aminat Emiola, 8 years old, Basic 3

I was very happy on Monday because it was first day in school though the weather was cold. My mum told me to wear my cardigan to keep warm. I also rubbed balm on my palm and chest. Mum prepared a delicious meal for me as usual. It was nice to start school activities again.

Our first day back in school
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