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Presidency: What Igbo should expect in 2023 —Primate Ayodele

I remember that you prophesied the killing of Iranian commander, Qassem Soleimani and the tension between the United States and Iran. You also predicted the imprisonment of Senator Orji Kalu and also the Ukrainian plane crash. What should be expected this year and beyond?

Nigeria will have more issues with its present state of borders. Some terrorist groups will be formed from Burundi, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Benin Republic. Buhari will have issues with some of his ministers. Some of them will be indicted of corruption. Professor Yemi Osinbajo will not be the Vice President that we want. He will face many challenges. There will be so many replacements.  Tinubu’s men will face challenges from this government. The GMD of NNPC, the Minister of Mines and Steel and also Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, should be careful so not to have issues. This government will fight those who have led this country in one way or the other. They should watch over the presidential jet so as to avoid fatal complications.  Let us pray so that none of the presidential convoys will be attacked. I foresee the villa being changed from its present location in the nearest future. I foresee a new presidential villa being built. The Peoples Democratic Party will fail again in 2023 if it uses Atiku. I am not seeing the present chairman of the PDP doing anything substantial for the party. The governors within this party will turn against themselves. I see some PDP governors trying to cross-carpet. The Igbo should not think about having the presidency in 2023 because they will be neglected. The Yoruba man who will rise to take this is Tinubu and Tinubu’s efforts will be frustrated. God will use him but many will not allow it. Mind you, should Tinubu die today, APC will die. He must work on his health. He is the strength of APC. But he will be betrayed. The PDP needs a very strong candidate that will face the opposition. APC is not ready to leave in 2023. Fayemi must be steadfast otherwise the opposition will not take it lightly with him. Akeredolu must watch himself well because within the party, there will be attempts to push him out. Although PDP will come out with different strategies in Ondo State but the party is still far from the goal. In Edo, Oshiomhole will face various challenges, even nationally that may weaken his getting to 2023 as chairman of the APC. There will be confrontations within the rank and file of the APC Federal Government. There will be electoral reforms as from 2021-2023. There will be a new National Assembly building.


The Nigerian economy has not been good. Should we expect a rebound?

Our economy will not be friendly. It won’t boom in this year. In January, there will be several unpleasant news. Not all states will be able to pay the minimum wage. The minimum wage is a mirage. The 2020 budget will not meet the needs of the people. I foresee that payment of land use charge will be reviewed by Lagos, Oyo, Anambra, Enugu, and Imo state governments. More Nigerians will be deported. The Nigeria Stock Exchange will experience changes in its leadership. Fraud will be detected in the pension board. A new tax system will be introduced. The price of cement will rise. There will be hike in the prices of staple foods. Prices of building materials will go up. Power and energy supply constituted major problems in the last decade for Nigerians. Government claims to be doing so much but so little has been achieved. Megawatts will drop between May, June and July. Some distribution companies will have challenges and trouble. Solar power supply will dominate so many parts of Nigeria.


The judiciary faced major setbacks last year. Many judges have been accused of various infractions. Will the judiciary be better off this year?

Some judges will be indicted even as some will be charged for corrupt practices. Lawyers will embark on strike and will also stage protests. The International Criminal Court will jail some warlords.


Insecurity has continued to cripple whatever progress recorded. What should be expected?

The Boko Haram insurgency is not yet over. Shekau has not been killed. Another group is coming up. The Chief of Army Staff should do the right thing. The army must re-strategise so as not to have another terrorist group from Africa. More threats are still to come. There will be more clamour for local policemen. Let us pray that there won’t be collapse of bridges, flood. The Amotekun security network created in the South-West will be another Boko Haram. The South-West governors have taken a very wrong step. The whole arrangement will not go as expected. Biafra will stage another protest. There will be a lot of instabilities in the country. Those funding ISIS will be arrested. Shekau will be killed in a major battle. Nigerian government must not negotiate with Boko Haram. Another occult group will emerge that will be a problem to Lagos, Oyo and Ogun states. There will be major clashes between smugglers and the Nigeria Customs Service. The Inspector General of Police will run into serious issues.


At the international scene, there have been wars and rumours of war. Will the world know peace?

More airlines will crash at the global scene. The US election will be very tough. The democrats must not sleep or else Donald Trump will get a second chance. The US will face bigger challenges because a big terrorist group will attack the US. There will be plans to attack Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Israel. Netanyahu will be indicted. There will be attempts to frustrate his efforts. There will be snow and flood troubles in Europe. I see a new government in Burundi, there will be crisis in Central African Republic. The president of Sudan will run into crisis; there will be attempts to unseat the current Sudanese president. There will be problems in Darfur that will kill many. The world needs a lot of prayers because I do not see peace in the world. The United Nations will face its challenges leading to the death of some of its workers. The Togolese president will face crisis after the country’s next election. The Zimbabwean president will experience tough times so much the more that his government will not be popular. I foresee coup in one of the African countries. Let us pray not to lose any African president. Chile, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Pakistan, Jordan, India, Lebanon and Libya will face challenges and crises. China will improve in military and war machinery. China will dominate many African countries but it will still have issues with the US. There will be more xenophobic attacks in South Africa and some other African countries. Some countries will pull out of ECOWAS.


Catholic priest, Father Mbaka, gave a disturbing prophecy to Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State. Should the governor be worried?

I am not challenging anybody but prophets are prophets. There is a difference between a prophet and somebody who prays when complicated situations arise. A prophet will go straight and say this is what the Lord says. A prophet cannot empower another person except God uses that prophet. Father Mbaka got it wrong. Governor Ihedioha will finish his term. Father Mbaka is not a prophet. But, Ihedioha must be prayerful and work.

Presidency: What Igbo should expect in 2023 —Primate Ayodele
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