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Technology may fail Operation ‘Amotekun’ in S’West ― Activist

operation amotekun

An activist and convener of a socio-development and pressure group in Ekiti state, ‘Ajoro Ekiti’, Mr Dare Ariyo-Atoye, has predicted that the proposed Southwest security watch called ‘operation Amotekun’ may fail due to lack of technology and innovation.

Ariyo-Atoye said the operation may hit a brick wall, except the six states of Southwest key into the use of drones and other modern technologies to survey the borders and bushes in the region.

The joint security arrangement will be inaugurated on Thursday, January 9 across the region, with the intention of combating the rising scourges of kidnapping, robbery and other crimes in the zone.

On the issue of farmers-herders’ impending clash in the state, the activist appealed to Governor Kayode Fayemi not to dismiss the allegation about the attempted seizure of Orin Ekiti land by herders as “mere rumour blown out of proportion,” saying the issue must be taken seriously.

Addressing journalists in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday at the unveiling of the Ajoro Ekiti (Collective Reasoning) Initiative, Ariyo- Atoye said, ” Operation Amotekun may not achieve much if there is no technology back up. In today’s world, drones are deployed for surveillance and if this gadget or other security information generating platforms are not deployed to survey our bushes to actually complement the police’s efforts, operation Amotekun may record low achievement.

“Also, the responsibilities of the security outfit must be well spelt out. It must not be abused or misused like the Odua Peoples’ Congress to settle scores. It must be a security outfit keeping vigil on our borders and it should not involve in private matter or politics.”

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He said Governor Fayemi must work hard to secure the state, the people and also ensure that no portion of Ekiti land is forcefully annexed by any group or other ethnic nationality.

“With well equipped five patrol vans per local government and encouraging allowances for personnel, Governor Fayemi can reasonably secure our state. We have committed policemen and women who can secure our land with necessary security gadgets and encouragement.

“Ekiti deserves the best and our people must be secured. We will be setting a bad precedent to allow our lands to be taken over by foreigners and do nothing, all in the name of politics and ambition.

“The most disturbing aspect of this insecurity is that, If the state becomes unsecured, the elite will be flying aeroplane and helicopter especially if the proposed airport becomes a reality.

“The Governor should not just make a hasty conclusion that the Orin Ekiti issue was a rumour or an issue blown out of proportion. But let me give assurances that nobody will be allowed to take Ekiti land. Either now or in future, any land hijacked from Ekiti people shall be recovered.

“The governor must be receptive to superior ideas on the issue of security and other state matters. He can even set up a council of wise men in the state, I mean, those who are apolitical and are ready to advise him wisely on issues to make Ekiti safe and better,” he said.

Ariyo-Atoye further urged Fayemi to focus more on governance rather than travelling more often from the state, saying, “no governor is elected to delegate responsibilities to his appointees.”

” Nothing stops the Governor from having presidential ambition, it is his right, but he should look for the right time to start doing this because not staying in Ekiti enough has been affecting governance.

“Why can’t Fayemi use Ekiti to win the hearts of Nigerians by governing well. If he does this, Ekiti will be the one to market the governor as a good presidential candidate and the world will buy his aspiration. Delivering speeches across Nigeria and abroad won’t win the presidency for him.”

Technology may fail Operation ‘Amotekun’ in S’West ― Activist
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